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"The Blacklist" Season 3 is all set to air yet another thrilling episode. While Episode 12 ended with Red sabotaging Tom's plans to settle in Boston to start a new life with Liz, in Episode 13 Tom Keen's ex will make a comeback and make things difficult for pregnant Liz.

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In Episode 12, we saw one of Reddington's associates getting murdered and the task force prompting to track down the Vehm, a group of religious fanatics who hunt and kill paedophiles. But Red is not convinced that his associate was a paedophile, and hence suspected that someone involved in money laundering was controlling them to eliminate competition. And finally, Red comes down cracking this case.

Meanwhile, Liz was seen pondering over the thought of putting her and Tom's baby up for adoption. Tom wants to start a new life with Liz, but his plans are disrupted when Red wants to keep her under his protection and surveillance.

In Episode 13, things will get a bit more challenging for Liz and Tom's relationship as the spoiler teases the return of Tom's ex, Gina who is also a corporate terrorist. The promo clip of the upcoming episode shows Gina-Tom sharing a brief kiss, which means Gina is expected to shake things up in the couple's marriage. Will Tom actually cheat on Liz? Well, we will have to see.

The promo of the episode also teased that Red and Liz would try and stop a new villain, who had apparently resurfaced to reunite two lethal enemies. Red refers to the villain as Alistair Pitt, who is called The Matchmaker (played by Tony Shalhoub).

"Alistair Pitt" will also see Red, Liz, and Ressler's new team working together in order to ensure peace.

The official synopsis of "Alistair Pitt" reads (via "Red and Liz attempt to stop a negotiator who's trying to unite two rival crime families. Meanwhile, Tom reconnects with a former flame. Tony Shalhoub guest stars."

"The Blacklist" Season 3 Episode 13, titled "Alistair Pitt," will be aired on NBC on 4 February, at 9 pm.