BlackBerry Has A New Luxury Limited Edition Passport, And It's Classy
BlackBerry Unveils New Luxury Limited Edition Passport With 1-50 Production NumberBlackBerry Blog

BlackBerry is offering its square-shaped Passport in a limited edition package for those who want to give their smartphones a unique touch.

The limited edition Passport will be available to only the first 50 buyers around the world. Each Passport will be marked with a unique production number on the lower right side of the gold side. The first unit pictured by BlackBerry touts 1/50 while the following models will have succeeding numbers.

Besides the unique production number, BlackBerry Passport limited edition will sport a classy gold and black combination. The back cover is made from soft calf leather with Valextra "costa" lacquered piping and the usual specifications.

"Everyone loves gold, right? You might consider it 'gilding the lily' with the productivity powerhouse sporting a large square touch screen with 453 PPI, touch-enabled keyboard, 3450 mAh battery for up to 30 hours of mixed use and top-flight software, including the Hub, BlackBerry Assistant, BlackBerry Blend, Amazon Appstore and much, much more," the company said in a blog.

BlackBerry also listed examples of some people going through the hard work of customizing their Passport to give it a unique look. Third-party luxury customisation company, Goldgenie, offers Passport in gold, rose gold and platinum for around $2,000 a piece. 

BlackBerry, however, is offering its gold and black limited edition Passport for $999 in Canada and $899 in the US. The company also offers Passport in standard black and white for $599 and another limited edition red for $699.

For this price, BlackBerry Passport comes with a 4.5-inch square HD touch screen display with 1440 x 1440 pixels. It is powered by a 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 3GB RAM and has 32GB storage. The smartphone runs on BlackBerry's 10.3 OS and sports a 13MP camera with OIS.