Black Pink
Black PinkFacebook/YG-Family

It's been a while since YG Entertainment revealed its new girl group -- Black Pink -- to hordes of devout K-pop listeners. Now that fans know what the entertainment company's girl group is called, there is much anticipation surrounding the band's debut. But when will members of Black Pink release their first song? 

It has been rumoured for a while that Black Pink will debut in July 2016. In fact, YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk later confirmed this in several interviews. However, according to the latest news, the girl group's debut song will be revealed in the end of July. So far, an exact date hasn't been confirmed yet.

A source from the entertainment company further said that Black Pink's debut will take place on a grand scale, involving as many as eight music videos. In order to keep fans engaged and interested in the band's music, the source added that these music videos will be released over the course of five months. 

Black Pink's debut resembles BIGBANG's release of its latest album, "M.A.D.E." Members of the boy band released songs from the new album over a few months. But according to the source, this marketing strategy assumes significance because the music industry is more obsessed with tracks.

"The music industry these days is focused on tracks, so when an album is released it is common for only the title track to receive attention. The songs that Black Pink has completed so far are all of amazing quality, so they will be split up and released separately," Soompi quoted the source as saying.

The girl group, which doesn't parallel YG Entertainment's other girl band 2NE1, has reportedly filmed music videos for two songs of their debut album and is currently working on the third. The source added that the company is paying special attention to the quality of the music and the artists work as the band already has a following internationally and in Korea.