Black Pink
Black PinkFacebook/YG-Family

After making fans wait for a seriously long time, YG Entertainment has finally given a date for Black Pink's debut. The entertainment company's second all girl band is set to debut on Monday, Aug. 8 at 8 p.m. KST but interestingly, no further details have been revealed through a new teaser image that appeared on YG Family's social media pages on Thursday, July 28. 

Most teaser images don't include a lot of details except certain hints about what's in store. This promotional activity basically satiates fans' appetites for new updates and the latest news. In this case however, YG Entertainment could have provided more clues about what might happen in a week's time because Black Pink's debut date is still being questioned.

YG Entertainment, known for dropping several teasers before releasing substantial material, has earned the wrath of fans, who want to see Black Pink's first music video, after having waited for months. However, this might not happen as the company often releases a teaser video before releasing the full-length music video. It certainly does look like fans of the all girl band might have to wait a little longer before they get to watch members of Black Pink perform together.

However, this waiting period has not deterred some fans from speculating that Black Pink could outshine several other bands, including TWICE, which made its mark in the K-pop scene in 2015. In fact, a Twitter war between fans of the two bands took place in the hours after YG Entertainment released its teaser image.

Although it's common to see Twitter feuds between K-pop fans belonging to different groups, this particular war seems to have taken hiatus from reality and is rather futuristic.