Black Pink
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YG Entertainment has finally offered some solace to fans who have been waiting for months for Black Pink's debut. The company's new girl group, which was supposed to release its first music video in the last week of July, will now do so in August. Although the band's debut date has been postponed, fans can take comfort in the fact that members of Black Pink will unveil their music only a few days later.

According to a source in YG Entertainment, the band's first music video will be released any time during Aug. 1-8. Although this latest news doesn't reveal an exact date, it does offer fans a tentative waiting period.

"Black Pink's debut date is still being discussed. It is likely that it will be either of those dates. However, the date might change depending on circumstances," Soompi quoted the source as saying.

However, it's not just the band's debut date that's being discussed. YG Entertainment is planning to include several music performances and appearances as part of the Black Pink's promotional activities. Perhaps it is this planning that's causing the delay.

The longer YG Entertainment holds off on Black Pink's debut, the more it gets surrounded by speculations and rumours about the band. Several fans had wondered earlier if the company has delayed its new girl group's debut in order to coincide it with Red Velvet's comeback. Netizens wondered if YG Entertainment wants to cause a rivalry between the two girl groups.

However, this speculation was immediately shot down as neither YG nor SM Entertainment has released the debut dates for either of its bands.

Sources in the YG camp said that members of Black Pink, Rose, Kim Jisoo, Jennie Kim and Lisa Manoban, have already finished filming three music videos and will film more as part of their debut album's release. The band is reportedly planning to release eight music videos in the next five months.