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 Marvel Studios' critically acclaimed blockbuster title Black Panther featured many talents from across the industry, a mixed house of a star-studded cast but one unfamiliar face during the time was actor Daniel Kaluuya. The 30-year old breakout star from the 2017's Get Out movie played as W'Kabi in the first film and seems to be interested in reprising his role for a sequel as well.
Kaluuya managed to bag his Marvel role in Black Panther after receiving much praise from critics and others in Hollywood for his performance in the Jordan Peele horror film, Get Out. The actor earned an Oscar nomination for the role. One could assume that the Black Panther star would currently be interested in other such dramatic projects. However, during a recent interview - Daniel Kaluuya expressed his interest in return for Black Panther 2.
Black Panther
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W'Kabi's role in the film 

"I don't know yet. I hope so, too! No pressure, the story is key. Whatever the story needs, the story needs," said Daniel Kaluuya. Kaluuya appeared on the ReelBlend podcast to promote his upcoming film, Queen & Slim. But during the query regarding the Black Panther 2, the star clarified that he hasn't learned anything on W'Kabi's arc in the franchise but he's enthusiastic about being a part of the second installment.

W'Kabi's role in the first film was as T'Challa's close confidant and the head security for Wakandan borders. But by the end of the film, fans learn that his allegiance change to support Killmonger (Miachale B, Jordon). But W'Kabi is later imprisoned for his treachery and there was no mention of the character other Marvel movies as well.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Kaluuya's character wasn't part of Avengers: Endgame as even the leading Black Panther casts had brief screen presence. Fortunately, Ryan Coogler has returned to write and direct the sequel and is already working on the project. There are no details available on the film's plot so far. But one rumor suggests that the sequel could be titled Black Panther: Lost Kingdom. Black Panther 2 hits theaters on 5 May 2022.