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Kangana Ranaut's love life didn't start and end with Hrithik Roshan. There were two other men from the film industry she was allegedly linked with.

One of them, Adhyayan Suman, television personality-actor Shekhar Suman's son, confirmed he was briefly in a relationship with the "Tanu Weds Manu Returns" actor. In a tell-all interview with DNA, the young star revealed intimate details privy to only a few.

The newest gossip from B-Town everyone is glued on is the Hrithik-Kangana email-gate. There are many versions to it and people are divided in their opinions of it. Adhyayan, however, sympathises with the 42-year-old actor.

"With Hrithik. I felt a sense of déjà vu as I could identify completely with what's happening to him. I can understand the pain that he is going through. I have been there. It's not about physical pain, but how emotionally tortured you feel," the daily quoted him as saying.

What Adhyayan meant by emotional torture is: Leaving people high and dry, manipulating them and even physically abusing them. The "Heartless" actor dated Kangana for a year; while they were both in "love," press reports made it look like it was a one-sided relationship.

During the initial phase, Adhyayan wanted to keep the media away from his love life as he was trying to understand the new development. But his decision irked Kangana, after which he had to make it public.

Their year-long affair was a breeze at first — long drives and dinner — but it didn't take time for it to fall apart. Once, they called each other names while dining at a posh restaurant. An hour later, he was left there all by himself, but that didn't break his spirit as he visited her and apologised for having fought with her.

This one time, he was called in the middle of the night to perform a puja, in his words "black magic," but that too didn't make him realise he was treading troubled waters as she had a knack of manipulating his emotions and drawing him back. Aditya Pancholi, who was romantically linked with Kangana, once told Adhyayan, "Welcome to the circus my friend and all the best."

That's not all, the "Raaz 2" actor was slapped hard and verbally abused, as he was exiting Hrithik's birthday party with her. The impact of the slap was so hard that: "I (Adhyayan) was tearing up like a child and shivering at the violently abusive language." They had their biggest argument over cocaine. When the actor turned down her offer to snort some on the night of her birthday (March 23, 2008), she picked up a fight with him.

In the explosive interview, he also confirmed that she had been eyeing Hrithik for long. Her phone had 50-70 messages to the superstar, but she explained them saying he (Hrithik) was her co-star (in "Kites") and that was the only reason why she talked to him the way she did. Adhyayan realised there was more to the story when he met the senior star at parties, where he would always maintain his distance from her.

"I never saw any feelings from his side. So, these stories about Kangana's obsession with him had begun back then of her wanting to get him. Those messages made me realise that I had to get out of this relationship and fast," he added.

Adhyayan never spoke about his messed-up relationship earlier because he was under a lot of pressure and wasn't sure if people would believe him.