dallas protests killing cops
dallas protests killing copsIANS

Friday was a dark day for race relations in the U.S. as protests against the killing of two African American men in Dallas turned violent when an Army veteran took up arms against White police officers killing five of them. Meanwhile, protests continued in the country against the deaths of the black men.

Civilians clashed with police in New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco, Phoenix and Philadelphia leading to the arrest of at least three protesters. In Ferguson, where a similar incident in August 2014 had sparked clashes, at least six people were arrested for blocking roads in front of the Ferguson Police Department office.

Traffic in Phoenix, Arizona, was brought to a standstill after protesters blocked the roads on Friday night.

In Atlanta, Georgia, protesters blocked a freeway and were in a standoff with the police, which arrived in hoards to stop the Black Lives Matter agitators, US Uncut reported.

The agitation took place on a massive scale after two Black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, were shot by policemen in Louisana and Minnesota.

The police departments of the two cities were criticised and the police officers were suspended after massive outrage.

Racist attacks against Black people in the U.S. have repeatedly made headlines as police forces across the countries targeted them. However, the problem of police officers shooting at sight is reportedly not particular to the Black community, though they more often become the target. The police also reportedly shot an unarmed White man called Dylan Noble in Fresno, according to Daily Wire.

The Black Lives Matter movement is receiving more media attention as racism against African Americans is being brought to the fore in the U.S. so that it can be addressed.

The Dallas shooter reportedly killed five officers as pay back for the atrocities committed on his community.

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