A widow dressed in white.Reuters

India is known for its rich culture and tradition but lot of superstitious as well as blind beliefs are also part of that culture.

Let's have a look at some of the popular superstitions in India:

Widows are unlucky: This sadistic superstition is still prevalent in many parts of the country. Widows are considered unlucky and are not allowed to wear jewellery, participate in festivals or remarry, and are to wear plain white clothes.

Menstrual myths: Women during menstruation are considered unclean and impure and are kept in isolation. They are not allowed to enter the kitchen, perform regular household activities and are also not allowed to go to temples or other religious places.

Whistling at night: Scared of snakes? Then do not whistle at night. In India, some people believe that whistling at night attracts snakes to the house.

Getting rid of the evil eye: People believe that an 'evil eye' can cause harm to a person, especially children. So to avoid that, a small spot of kajal will be applied on the forehead or behind the ear of the children. It is popularly called "nazar utarna" where a child/person will be made to look 'less good looking', so that that the evil eye won't fall on them.

Lemon and chilli charm: Strings of lemons and chillies hanging on shops, homes, offices and vehicles are a common sight in India. They are also meant to get rid of the evil eye and bring good luck.

Black cats: Cats are always among the favourite pets. But not black cats as they are generally associated with witchcraft. It seems that if a black cat crosses your path, it will bring you bad luck. And if it does, you can be on the safer side by taking three steps back.

Itch in the palm: An itching palm has also got meanings. According to some cultures, an itching in the left palm of women will fetch them money in the near future and an itching in the right palm will make them loose money. But in the case of men, it is the other way round.

Death: If there is a death in the family, the members of the family are not supposed to go temples, till a stipulated period is over as they are considered unclean.

Washing hair and cutting nails: Superstitions also exist for these two routine activities. According to some, one must not wash hair on Thursdays or Saturdays and one must not cut nails on Tuesdays and Thursdays as they will bring bad luck.

Broken mirror: Many Indians consider broken mirrors to be a bad omen. If a mirror breaks, one should throw away the broken pieces into a hole and cover it with mud.