Amit Shah
Amit Shah, the president of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).Reuters File

Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah has come up with an amusing campaign strategy to attract young voters for the upcoming Delhi assembly elections. The ruling party has launched a campaign where voters' selfies with Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be hanged on selfie walls across the capital.

BJP has already launched a "first of 200 selfies with Modi" wall in Khan Market, in Central Delhi. And the selfies will be taken through a mobile application that was inaugurated on Saturday by Shah, who became the first person to take selfie with Indian PM, according to The Indian Express report.

The app will be launched during BJP's 70 road shows in the assembly constituencies and the selfies taken through the app will be hanged on 200 selfie walls or corners across the national capital, . Delhi BJP general secretary Ashish Sood said.

"Along with prominent market places, selfie corners or walls will be set up in malls and other places. The roadshows will also have this facility. Once people get their selfie clicked, we will take their email ids and mail the pictures to them," Sood said.

The new mobile app is equipped with a software to create an 'augmented reality", which will be used to create the selfie, according to the IE report.

The ruling party is preparing for the 7 February Assembly elections in New Delhi's 70 constituencies.