Garba [Representational Image]Reuters

First, a BJP MLA directs Garba organisers in Madhya Pradesh to prohibit Muslim boys from entering the venue for dance programmes. Now, pamphlets, in the name of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) circulates in Gujarat's Vadodara district, warning girls against "seduction" by Muslim youths, all in order to steer clear of "love jihadis."

BJP MLA from Indore and party state vice-president Usha Thakur has asked the Garba organisers to check identity cards of those coming to attend celebrations and not let Muslim men enter the dance venue to avoid incidents of "love jihad."

Thakur said the decision was taken after a meeting with doctors, engineers and senior police officers during last year's Garba festival. "We have data that suggests that during Garba, on an average, four lakh girls convert to Islam every year. So we initiated this awareness drive. It was noticed that non-devotees come for the festival, put tilak, wear sacred thread and practice Garba during this time of the year to woo our girls," Thakur told NDTV.

Meanwhile, in Vadodara, pamphlets are being distributed to warn girls against falling prey to Muslim men, which may 'lead them into prostitution'. The pamphlet, reportedly from VHP, describes in Gujarati how Muslim men lure Hindu women into marrying them despite having one or two wives.

"Do you want to become a prostitute? No? Then read, think and behave" the pamphlets read and was followed by statistics that claimed that an increasing number of Hindu women were being lured by Muslim men into marriage, and were living as the "second, third or fourth wife." 

The pamphlet blamed Hindi films for spreading "love jihad" by showing Hindu priests in the bad light and praising Muslim clerics in the films and serials sponsored by terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim and Haji Mastan.

"For the past 10 years, dons like Dawood Ibrahim and Haji Mastan have spent crores in Hindi films and serials. Hindu priests and saints are shown in a bad light in these films and serials whereas Muslim clerics are shown in a good light." the pamphlet read.

"Hindu girls are shown romancing Muslims heroes in films. Muslims boys get influenced by this and as part of an international conspiracy, they dress well and roam around on motorbikes to trap our Hindu daughters and sisters," it said.

The pamphlet that was printed at a Rajkot press is being investigated by the Vadodara police.