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The leaders fought a Twitter war over goatGetty Images

India has witnessed a sudden rise in lynching cases over cow protection in the past few months. Netaji's grandnephew, Chandra Kumar Bose, recently added fuel to this fire by making some rather bizarre comments.

On his Twitter account, Bose said that the  'Father of the Nation'  Mahatma Gandhi considered goat as "mother", which is why Hindus should not eat meat. 

A war of words then erupted on Twitter between the vice president of BJP's West Bengal unit, Bose and . Not to forget, the topic of the debate was: Should goat be considered as 'mother' by the Hindus?

Overview of the whole debate

In his first tweet, Bose said that Bapu used to drink goat's milk when he was staying in Kolkata at his grandfather Sarat Chandra Bose's house.

In response to his tweet, Tripura governor said that neither Gandhiji nor Netaji ever proclaimed themselves as Hindus or revered goats as "a mother".

In another tweet on Monday, the Bengal BJP vice president said no business or political party should decide a diet chart of citizens. 

Does Bose consider goat sacred?

According to the Press Trust of India's report, Bose has admitted that he considers goat a sacred animal.

"I tried to use it as a reference. In many parts of the country, goats were sacrificed during worship of Goddess Kali. If the goat is not a sacred animal then why was it used during worship of Kali. By that logic we should not consume goat," he told to PTI.

Meanwhile, West Bengal's BJP unit refused to comment on the matter.