A hospital corridor in India.Representative image. Reuters

Prahlad Gunjal, the BJP lawmaker from Kota, Rajasthan, who was heard abusing and threatening a senior medical officer, has been suspended. The party has also asked Gunjal to explain his behaviour. The MLA in a video which went viral on Thursday was heard telling the officer, "I will skin you alive. You won't sleep at night. I will put such fear in you."

The transfer of a male nurse related to a BJP worker was the cause for Gunjal's alleged threat to RN Yadav, the Chief Medical Officer of Kota district.

Several doctors in Kota have announced a strike and threatened to quit if action was not taken against the lawmaker, who has now been booked. Gunjal has given a written apology and explanation to his party, reports NDTV.

Gunjal is heard telling the chief medical officer that he would slap him, kick him, hit him with shoes, and cut off his hair in the conversation widely circulated on WhatsApp. Threats were also made to Dr Yadav's family.

Gunjal was enraged that the transfer of the nurse was not stopped even after he intervened. Due to alleged irregularities in the purchase of medicines, the nurse was recently removed from a health centre.

"I told you he is family. How dare you throw attitude? I will punch you. I want the order by tomorrow, or else... I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I want the order by tomorrow. Listen to me carefully," he screams.

Dr Yadav was provided security by the police; and has resigned in protest after the lawmaker's outburst. "He kept abusing me for several minutes," he said.

According to PTI, Gunjal claimed to have just "scolded" Dr Yadav and did not threaten or intimidate him. He said that Dr Yadav was asked to reconsider the nurse's transfer four times, but did not listen.