The BJP and Congress on Thursday took a dig at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for his government's advertisement on the odd-even rule.

Some critics reportedly said that Kejriwal, who appeared on the ad wearing a muffler with his back to the camera, had "blatantly circumvented" the Supreme Court order prohibiting "personality cult" advertising and had also violated the "spirit of the law".

BJP leader Vijender Gupta said that the ad was "unethical" and the AAP was resorting to "petty politics", reported Press Trust of India. "Arvind Kejriwal govt is behaving like urban naxals. They do not have any faith in existing law," India Today quoted Gupta as saying on 6 January.

Sharmistha Mukherjee, Congress spokesperson and daughter of the incumbent president, said that the ad revealed Kejriwal's "scant respect" for law or institutions.

In the advertisement, Kejriwal appeals to the public to adhere to the odd-even rule by narrating the story of a volunteer who changed the heart of an driver who committed an offense by not following the rule.

"If you spot a violator, fold your hands and politely remind him. No need to fight or argue. Just tell him that you have probably taken out the wrong numbered car by mistake," Kejriwal said in the ad.

"Technical arguments that the face is not visible won't cut ice. As a citizen he has not set a good example," Gupta told Press Trust of India.

"He (Kejriwal) does not abide by the Transaction of Business Rules. Violates the spirit of the law. Does he have no respect for institutions?" said Sharmistha Mukherjee. She also added that the government could have chosen a different format to spread the awareness about the odd-even rule.

The Supreme Court in May 2015 had ruled that nobody but the Chief Justice of India, President and Prime Minister's photos could be featured in government advertisements.

The odd-even ad cost more than the other ads released by the Delhi government since the AAP came to power. The government most likely spent Rs 8-10 crore on radio campaigning alone between the last week of December to January, says Live Mint.

Quoting Gupta, India Today had tweeted: 

You can watch the video of the ad below: