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Unbelievable beauty treatments women opt for to look appealing. [Representational image]Reuters

Women often take great efforts to maintain their beauty, but some of the things they do to beautify themselves are completely bizarre! Most of us wouldn't have thought of taking self-beautification to this level.

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Here are a few beauty treatments women opt for in order to raise their beauty quotient and look younger, which are eerie and likely to leave you speechless.

Sperm facial

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While facials are done by women using fruit pulps or a face mask to clear the dead cells, blackheads and whiteheads, some women opt for semen facial! They apply fresh sperm on their face, which helps in reducing rosacea, which refers to the redness that appears on the face. It is also said to trigger down the ageing process and even make your skin glow naturally. This facial is done by applying semen on the face and leaving it for around 20 minutes so the skin can absorb it and then rinse it off by splashing water on your face.

P.S. This facial treatment could cause STDs, STIs, herpes, allergies and even acne if the testosterone levels are too high. If you want to do this facial, opt for a donor who is healthy, physically active and drinks plenty of water.

 Human placenta facial

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In this gross facial treatment, the placenta of humans or sheep is used, which can be in the form of a mask or serum. This treatment is said to make the skin firmer, is anti-ageing and hydrates the skin. The facial is also said to help in treating acne. Many women spend up to $500 to get this treatment done.

Snake massage

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Liz Cohen receives a snake massage treament, where snakes are let loose on her body, at a spa in the northern communal village of Talmey El'AzarReuters

Getting massaged in a spa is an acceptable thing as it helps in rejuvenating the body and mind. But for some people getting massaged by human hands is way too mainstream, so they opt for SNAKE MASSAGE! This creepy massage includes big as well as small non-venomous snakes whose mouths are taped to prevent biting. These snakes glide and crawl on the body, the movements made by them acts as a remedy to muscle sores and migraines.

Bull semen hair treatment

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Apparently, for some women home remedies such as applying hair oil or egg works no more, not even hair spa! So, they opt for this unimaginable hair treatment and apply bull semen on their locks. The bull sperm used is refrigerated and odourless, which aids in thickening the hair and also acts as a hair softener.  

 Sheep embryo injections

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It seems botox wasn't enough, so people came up with one more weird beauty treatment that keeps wrinkles at bay and keeps them looking young and fab! The treatment is none other than the sheep embryo injection! Women opting for this get cells from the sheep embryo injected to their face.