On Thursday morning, residents of Burka, Turkey woke upto a strange red flying saucer hovering around in the sky. What could it be? Given the round shape, the colour, and the nature of the object, many speculated, some assumed, while a few hoped that it was a UFO.

In no time the pictures and videos went viral on the social media, making the Turkey's State Meteorological Service explain the rare phenomenon as a lenticular cloud. The circular cloud remained intact for an hour. What made the sighting particularly interesting was that it featured a large hole in the middle.

lenticular cloud

What are lenticular clouds?

Responding to the viral pictures, speculation and curiosity surrounding the formation, Turkey State Meteorological Service explained that the rare phenomenon was nothing but a lenticular cloud. Lenticular Clouds are rare stationary clouds that form mostly in the troposphere. They are also known for their curved appearance, almost taking the shape of a flying saucer. Usually found at heights between 2,000 and 5,000 meters, typically in parallel alignment to wind direction.


The residents captured the cloud on their phones, many even shot videos of the hovering object while on their daily commute. When the formation dissipated after about an hour, several residents even shared their displeasure at it having gone. "

An unworldly sunrise here at Bursa. Good Morning everyone," wrote a user. "It's bizarre, amazing, scary and at the same time surreal," observed another post. Morning shows in Turkey and news channel sprang into action with many more clear videos and pictures of the cloud.

In 2021 Seattle witnessed a dramatic cloud show over Labor Day weekend. The snow white lenticular clouds over Mt Rainier made a gorgeous cap-like structure on the mountain. Lenticular clouds over Mt Rainier are relatively common.

Lenticular cloud