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From squiggle eyebrows to clumpy lashes, it seems beauty experts are busy experimenting with body hair right now. There was also a trend on feathered eyebrows, if you remember. Makeup artist Stella Sironen came up with it where the eyebrows are basically split in such a way that it resembles a feather. If that sounded weird, we have something way more bizarre for you.

This time, the beauty experts have focussed on nose hair. So, if you are bored with experiments on your eyelashes and brows, you can shift to nose hair extension.

Yes, it is a real thing now.

Beauty enthusiasts are trying out this new nostril hair extension trend and also posting it on social media. Technically, it's not extensions, they are just false lashes stuck around each nostril. It gives an effect of super long hair coming out of your nose and sticking on the rim of each nostril.

Not sure if it's cool but some are certainly attracted by the new trend and one of the beauty bloggers even went on to improvise and extended it to her lips. Also, she promised that she'll come up with a tutorial soon for those who want to try it out. Well, you will now have a guide to tell how to try this bizarre trend.

There is no doubt that every year there is a fair share of bizarre beauty trends, but it seems by far this is one of the nightmares. And yes, not everyone is loving the idea of nose hair extension. The bizarre beauty trend is baffling the minds of people.

Here is how netizens reacted to the new bizarre trend:

Are you willing to try it?