The man nabbed by the Kerala Police assumed to be rape convict Bitty Mohanty has gone back on his statement made in the confession.

The captive who had earlier confessed his identity as the absconding Bitty wanted in high-profile German woman rape case has retracted his earlier confession and said that he is not the person authorities are looking for.

Rajasthan police officials are expected to arrive in Kerala on Monday to ascertain the identity of the arrested.

Officer Sampat Singh told NDTV, "Kerala Police told us that the man worked at the State Bank of Travancore. We will confirm his identity on reaching Kerala."

Bitty was sentenced to seven years of rigorous imprisonment for raping a German woman in Rajasthan's Alwar district on 21 March, 2006. He was on the run since November 2006 when he was given a 15-day parole to meet his ailing mother in Orissa.

Times Now reported that Bitty had fled to Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh, assumed his new identity and enrolled in a management school which helped him secure a job in State Bank of Travancore as a probationary officer in Pazhayangadi branch. He claimed to be an Andhraite and picked up Malayalam to avoid any suspicions.  

Reports surfaced that Bitty was aided by his father, BB Mohanty, in evading authorities and taking a new name 'Raghav Rajan'. Rama Rao, headmaster in a Puttaparthi school, claimed that Bitty was frequently visited by his father, a former DGP of Odisha police.

BB Mohanty has denied any knowledge of his son's arrest and even told a TV channel, "I suspect that he is dead."