Rajasthan police has confirmed that the man arrested for raping a German woman in Alwar, Rajasthan in March 2006, is Bitti Mohanty.

Police commissioner Biju Joseph of Rajasthan police and another police official who handled the case confirmed the identity of the arrested, reported Indian Express.

However, no forensic tests have been carried out yet. A finger print and blood sample match will be executed only after the accused reaches Jaipur.

To validate his identity scientifically, the court might require a DNA match, which is likely to be conducted with his alleged father, BB Mohanty.

A police official said that Mohanty will be taken to Rajasthan and if required to Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Kerala police will also file a case of cheating and forgery against Mohanty for impersonating as Raghav Rajan.

A 20-member Special Investigation Team has been set up to probe Mohanty's case. The team is expected to visit Odisha, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh to investigate his details.

Meanwhile, Zee News has reported that the anonymous letter to State Bank of Travancore (SBT) which triggered Mohanty's arrest was sent by a woman assumed to be his lover and colleague in the bank.

Bank officials grew suspicious of Mohanty's identity stated in the letter and complained to the police. Mohanty had been working for seven months in SBT without police verification which is generally done for every new recruit.  

Mohanty was convicted for rape in April 2006. He was serving a seven-year jail term when he jumped his 15-day parole in November 2006 which was granted to meet his ailing mother. He was finally arrested in Kannur on 9 March after seven years of police evasion.