Mamata Banerjee
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.Reuters file

Not renowned for sophistication or making eloquent statements, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee scaled new heights of ignorance by claiming that mosquito bite was the number cause of swine flu.

Clearly the various health departments across the country have missed a trick. Would the toll have ever crossed 700 had Ms Banerjee cared to make the revelation a wee bit earlier?

Jokes apart, the TMC chief has made a name for herself for inappropriate and at times witty statements.

Taking a dig at BJP after the 2015 Delhi polls, Mamata made a reference to 'Dilli ka laddu, jo khaya vo pacchtaya, jo nahin khaya vo pacchtaya' (They have realised Delhi's laddu now, whether you eat it or not, you are going to repent anyway).

Earlier in December, the West Bengal CM also hit out at Amit Shah. "... Shanti na thakle kono kichhu hoyna... nijera korte paaren-ni, jaara korchhe, sarakkhon taader pichhone ki kore bamboo deya jaaye, taar chinta kore berachhe... (Nothing is possible without peace... They could do nothing themselves, and are now all the time looking for ways to stick a bamboo up the backside of those who are trying to do something)," said Ms Banerjee while addressing a rally in the city of Jalpaiguri in North Bengal, reports The Indian Express.

The TMC leader had also once been criticised for raising the compensation issue when asked about the status of a rape victim's case.

However, nothing can beat the mosquito angle in swine flu, unless Mamata Banerjee decides to outdo herself once again and come up with something even more outlandish, which cannot be ruled out altogether.