Twinkle Khanna is not the one to mince her words. And when the topic was about how obsessed India and Indians have been with King Charles' coronation, how could she resist calling those out, right? Akshay Kumar shared a snippet from Twinkle Khanna's column from a leading daily taking a dig at Indians invested in the coronation ceremony. Akshay called it her pearls of humour.

Twinkle Khanna, King Charles
Twinkle Khanna, King CharlesInstagram

Twinkle's take

"I can understand the British being invested in King Charles' coronation, but so are a large number of Indians despite our legacy of colonisation. This fascination seems a bit like a relationship with an ex-lover, even one who has mistreated you," Khanna wrote.

"You don't miss them or ever want them back, but still find yourself occasionally stalking their Instagram feed, or as in this case, streaming live broadcasts of what one of my daughter's classmates described as, 'Two hours of watching a man sitting on a chair and trying on a hat'," she went on to add.

Akshay Twinkle

Akshay Kumar delighted

Akshay posted a portion of Twinkle's article onhis Instagram Stories, and wrote, "some anmol ratans (precious pearls) of humour courtesy the pen of @twinklerkhanna." Akshay and Twinkle remain one of Bollywood's most popular and loved couples. While Akshay is known as 'Khiladi Kumar' on the big screen, the Barsaat actress has gained popularity with her humour and wit.