Sonalika Pradhan
Sonalika PradhanPR Handout

Fashion designer Sonalika Pradhan, who is ruling the international market of fashion, has turned a year older today. But she looks stunning 20 even in her 40s.

The lady is inspiration to many. Being fashion designer, she has made India proud as her designs are much popular in the international market.

She is married to Bollywood actor Vishwajeet Pradhan and she is giving her best as a wife. Vishwajeet had opened up once, saying how she has made his life better.

Sonalika, mother of two kids, Dhruvika and Ojasvi has been an example of a perfect mom. She is always spotted being a friend to her kids. The trio enjoy their time like buddies.

Sonalika has set an example for all the females that how easy it is to maintain a healthy marriage, upbringing your kids and being professional as well.