Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 29 (ANI): Indian Medical Association in Kerala in association with National Rural Health Mission conducted awareness camp on bird flu virus and said that symptoms are not related to poultry products consumption. Doctors and health officials ate chicken and eggs in front of people in a bid to make them understand that consuming poultry products was not related to the outbreak of bird flu virus. A bird flu virus was found in India, H5N1 strain, which can be transmitted to humans, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) had said on Thursday. However, the organization said it was not an alarming situation, as India was fully prepared to deal with such a crisis because it had faced the outbreak of the virus in the past. However, no human case has been reported since 2003. President of Indian Medical Association of Kerala, Doctor Sreejith N Kumar said that people do not need to get panicked as there are low chances of spreading the virus from birds to human. District Programme Manager of National Rural Health Mission, Doctor B. Unnikrishnan said that volunteers and workers were given proper instructions to report the disease symptoms if found any during the survey.