Ever since the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, several top experts have claimed that the deadly infection might have originated in a laboratory in Wuhan. Even though China has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of an accidental leak, top political leaders including US president Joe Biden have not ruled out the lab leak theory.

As the mystery behind the origin of the Covid pandemic continues, two Indian scientists have now put forward evidence that suggests the pandemic's origin in China. After analyzing events that span over more than nine years, Pune-based scientist couple Dr. Monali Rahalkar and Dr. Rahul Bahulikar have successfully connected the origin of coronavirus and China. 

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The suffering of people compelled Indian scientists to dig deep 

In an exclusive interaction with India Today, Monali and Rahul revealed that it was the sufferings faced by people all across the world that compelled them to dig deep to find the origin of the Covid pandemic. 

"Looking at the suffering, right from the beginning, we were curious and anxious as to how the virus must have originated. Initially, we started finding the close relative or cousin of Sars coronavirus 2, which is RATG13," Monali told India Today.

During the research, these Indian scientists came across documents that narrated the events that happened in a Chinese copper mine. In 2012, six miners were assigned the task to clean the virus. Upon inspection, these miners noted that filled with bat droppings that include guano and bat feces. In a Wall Street Journal report, it was reported that these bat remains got mixed into the atmosphere around, thus making the air allergic if inhaled. 

After working on the mine, these six employees fell ill, and they exhibited symptoms of coronavirus that include fever, cough, throat pain, and blood clots. The condition of some of these workers worsened, and they even developed pneumonia. Three of these miners subsequently died due to lung infection and pulmonary thromboembolism. 

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Dr. Rahalkar revealed that radiological reports of these miners were very similar to that of Covid patients. The Rahalkar couple also noted that they were contacted by a Twitter user named The Seeker after they published their findings. The Twitter user also shared similar findings with them. 

Interestingly, the scientists noted that the medicines used to treat these miners are also similar to the medications used to treat patients infected with the coronavirus. 

Did China release the Covid pandemic intentionally? 

Recently, a team of scientists from the United States and the United Kingdom had demanded a fresh probe into Covid's Wuhan lab leak theory. These scientists also noted that the WHO investigation had not made a balanced consideration of the theory that it may have come from a laboratory incident. 

As mystery looms up, Chinese virologist Dr Le-Meng Yan, in September 2020 had claimed that China has intentionally released the coronavirus pandemic as a bioweapon. Yan claimed that China has been repeatedly denying the allegations and is using misinformation to mislead the world.