Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV), who is basking in the success "Killing Veerappan", is all set to make his debut in Hollywood with the movie "Veerappan" -- a biopic on the forest brigand.

Ram Gopal Varma recently made his debut as director in Sandalwood with Kannada Superstar Shivaraj Kumar's movie "Killing Veerappan". Released in theatres on 1 January, the movie went on to become the superhit at the box office. The film was also dubbed and released in Telugu with same title a week later and this version has also become a hit in the Telugu-speaking states.

The filmmaker is all thrilled over the huge success of "Killing Veerappan", which has brought back his fallen glory. The speculations about his Hollywood debut started doing the rounds in the industry last week. It was rumoured that Ram Gopal Varma is now working on the international version of "Killing Veerappan".

On 12 January, Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter page and confirmed the news about his first Hollywood movie. He said that the movie will be titled "Veerappan", but not "Killing Veerappan". This film will be based on the life of Sandalwood smuggler and it will feature a new set of characters and actors.

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted, "International version is just "Veerappan" and not "Killing Veerappan"'s a biopic nd will have cmpltly new set of actors and characters." He added, ""Killing Veerappan" is just about the killing operation whereas the international version of Veerappan is about his origin and rise (sic)"

Veerappan was one of the most dangerous man in the whole world. He killed 184 people, including 96 policemen. Thousands of policemen were had been on hunting for him in the dense forests for nearly 10 years. The Hollywood biopic will be about what led to his meteoric rise and the failure of the system to curb his growth.

"When I told the back story of Veerappan to a businessman from Dubai who saw the Kannada film It blew his mind and he insisted that this film has to be made as a biopic on an international level. He said it can't be limited to just the killing of Veerappan," The Times of India quoted Ram Gopal Varma as saying.

A Dubai-based businessman has agreed to produce the movie. "So he and an international partner of his are producing this biopic of Veerappan and their one and only condition was that I should not compromise on this film's cost and just push it to the highest of international standards," added the filmmaker.