As Kartik Aaryan rightly said in his latest video on Twitter, we pray for some me time just to do some Netflix and chill and when we do get them, we simply refuse to utilise that opportunity. If the coronavirus scare has kept you in lockdown too here are some of the shows you can catch up in the Bengali section.

The scripts and work of the camera have been original, and everything about these five shows will keep you hooked while you secretly pretend to be online for work purpose.

web series


There has been a series of Byomkesh films, television serials and web-series based on detective Byomkesh Bakshi. Actor Anirban Bhattacharya has managed to give this character a new kind of spin in his own style. Byomkesh Bakshi, as Anirban Bhattacharya once described him to be is a typical, lazy, Bengali, who is very intelligent. His cases are not all about murder, mystery, after which the killer goes to jail. There's emotion, there's adultery, and much more.

Byomkesh is available on Hoichoi.

Aaste Ladies

Who said ladies are docile, shy creations of god, who are only born to be stay-at-home- services for their spouses? The web-series, Aaste Ladies explore the story of three women who manipulate men to gather enough money to run their parlour. You wouldn't expect women from a middle-class background to turn into thieves and that's where the story takes an interesting turn, sociologically and in terms of script. There arrives a hindrance in between their dreams but instead of cowering down to the demands of the men, they fight back in the appropriate manner.

Aaste Ladies is available on Hoichoi.

Krishnanu Krishnanu!

Krishnanu Dey was the dada of Bengal even before Saurav Ganguly gained prominence and became an emotion for Bengalis. The Zee5 original film, Krishnanu Krishnanu remains a well-researched piece even though it loses its grip in its sequences. You would understand why Krishnanu Dey was considered India's Maradona. When he breathed his last, he managed to gather people from different walks of life. It was one of the historic times when Mamata Bannerjee had walked along with CPIM leaders to pay her last respect to the player. For the uninitiated, Mamata Bannerjee has had a long-lasting hatred for left parties and Naxalites. Her big win in 2011 marked the end of an era for the CPIM government which had been ruling the state for 34 years.

Krishnanu! Krishnanu! Is available on Zee 5.

 Paanch Phoron Season 1 and Season 2

In its five-part film series, Paanch Phoron captured the beauty of Kolkata. The idea of time, the way one experiences it in Kolkata lies in the soft breezes by the lake, and slowly walk towards the office, the perpetual cigarette breaks. It doesn't take much time for you to crack the code, this is a lackadaisical life in Kolkata, which gives you enough time to fall in love and experience it in the right manner.  Paanch Phoron explores five different kinds of romantic relationships which aren't really man-woman or man-man or woman-woman, but the simple connection we tend to form with nature while quietly observing them in the noisy land.

Paanch Phoron Season 1 and 2 is available on Hoichoi.

7 No Sanatan Sanyal

There are seven men who share the same name in 7 No Sanatan Sanyal. One of them goes through to psychotic breakdown when he comes to know that he isn't the one and only bearer of the name and thereby drives himself to take drastic measures. Would you call him a serial killer, not really because according to crime novels, serial killers are different psychotic patients who do not kill as per targets, but kill to owe to the pleasure of running their knives deep into the flesh. A mental condition that various novels have explored. But Sanatan Sanyal is a man who suffers from an identity crisis and plays it on his own.

7 No Sanatan Sanyal is available on Zee5.

The Lovely Mrs Mukherjee

Life is tough for a young woman, especially when they are in their 20s and not married. Everyone seems to worry about who they are going to settle with, but hardly anyone believes that marriage might be a beginning to a different kind of problem and may not be the ultimate goal for a man or a woman. You may or may not agree with what the characters have to say in The Lovely Mrs Mukherjee, however, it might be a stress relief if you are a bachelor/spinster who is surrounded by relatives who ask you the same question.

The Lovely Mrs Mukherjee is available on Zee 5.