Bing Webmaster Tools have finally added two new languages, catering to the Israel and Arab world. The Webmaster Tools now support Arabic and Hebrew languages, which are read and written from right side of the page to the left.

"If you didn't notice yet, Bing Webmaster Tools is now also available in Right-To-Left languages as Arabic and Hebrew," Fabrice Cabal from Microsoft Bing tweeted.

Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster ToolsBing

The development comes after Bing said in July this year that it is not done introducing new tools. It also completed the migration from old to the new Bing Webmaster Tools, and added new URL inspection tool, site scan tool and new webmaster guidelines. The Webmaster Tools has improved the overall user experience and made it more intuitive.

New changes to Webmaster Tools 

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"We are not done. Now that we have migrated to this new improved platform and experience, we will be enhancing tools listening to your feedback and shipping new salient features including a refreshed version Index Explorer this summer," Bing had said at the time.

The revamped Webmaster Tools helps SEOs, developers, webmasters and site owners. The tool is free and offers various features to debug issues with Bing indexing, crawling and ranking. All this gives insights into sites' performance in Bing Search and beyond.