Raai Laxmi (Lakshmi Rai) dons two-piece Bikini for Julie 2
Raai Laxmi aka Lakshmi Rai sports a bikini for Julie 2.PR Handout

Raai Laxmi, who is also known as Lakshmi Rai, is set to play an ultra glamorous role in her forthcoming movie, Julie 2. The actress will be seen in a bold role in which she will be seen wearing bikinis. 

The first glimpse of her bikini-clad looks came on Sunday, March 19, after Raai Laxmi bowed to the demands of her Twitter fans, and released the two photos. Her pictures went viral in no time and people showered her with a lot of positive comments about her look. 

Raai Laxmi will reportedly be seen sporting bikinis in a couple of scenes in Julie 2. The actress displays her hour-glass figure in the two-piece suits. The actress lost 10 kg to get the glam look right in the movie.

"For the third schedule of the film, I had to lose weight again. I took break for about two months, and lost around 10 kilos. This portion involves me to be seen in a more glam avatar, sporting a bikini et all. These scenes will be shot in Dubai. We will also shoot few crucial scenes in Rajasthan, later," the actress had told Times of India earlier in an interview.

Raai Laxmi aka Lakshmi Rai in Bikini for Julie 2
Raai Laxmi aka Lakshmi Rai dons a bikini for Julie 2.Raai Laxmi Twitter Account

Julie 2 has been written and directed by Deepak Shivdasani. It is a sequel to the director's previous film, Julie. Ravi Kishan, Yuri Suri and others are also part of the cast. The movie features Viju Shah's music, Sameer Reddy's cinematography and Asif Ali Sheikh's editing.