RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav on Friday mocked Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah, who was trapped inside a lift of the state guest house in Bihar capital Patna.

Yadav said that "a man as fat as Shah" should not have entered a lift in Patna, as the elevators in Bihar are small.

Shah and three other leaders were trapped in the elevator for around 40 minutes late on Thursday night. He was rescued by the CRPF personnel who were part of Shah's Z+ security cover.

When the management of the guest house failed to rescue them after several attempts, the CRPF personnel broke open the steel doors to rescue Shah, other senior leaders and two security personnel.

"Nothing worked and around 40 minutes passed. It was then that CRPF was asked to break open the doors. It did so and Shah and other leaders were rescued," PTI quoted BJP state President Mangal Pandey as saying.

The incident took place when Shah along with party in-charge for Bihar Bhupendra Yadav, Secretary Nagendra Ji, General Secretary Saudan Singh and a couple of security personnel were going up to the first floor from the ground floor of the state guest house.

"The lift got stuck between the two floors and its metal doors also got jammed at around 11.30 pm last night. There was no lift operator or person capable of handling such emergency around. The mobile phones of those trapped inside were also out of range as they were in a closed box," Pandey said.

"It is a gross dereliction of duty and irresponsibility shown by the people responsible for facilities at the state guest house. There was nobody present there to deal with such emergencies despite the fact that a person having Z+ security cover was staying there," he added.

Shah, who was in Patna on Thursday to participate in a forum organised by a vernacular daily, flew back to Delhi on Friday morning. He was discussing about the upcoming Assembly polls in Bihar with the state leaders at the guest house.