Vijay's Bigil Posters
Here are the two posters of Vijay from his upcoming movie Bigil.PR Handout

The first look and second look posters of Vijay's upcoming movie Bigil stand different from the lot. The focus is not on presenting the actor in his stylish best, rather create a kind of confusions about the content and the actor's role in the film, thus building curiosity around the Tamil film. Director Atlee, with his team of technicians, has given numerous hints about the storyline. Here, we are attempting to decode it. Let's begin with the first look poster:

The first look is a combination of style and substance. It looks raw and simple, yet the two looks of Vijay in Bigil, which was earlier referred to as Thalapathy 63, tell a lot about the premises on closer observation. Thalapathy looks menacing in the aged avatar. The mark on his forehead with his eyes, beaded bracelet on his right wrist and rudraksha mala around his neck indicate that he believes in the God and justice.

The sickle and his sitting posture state that he is a gangster. We can also notice a ring on his finger and watch in his left wrist. The other look of Vijay in the first look shows him in a jersey with a football.

The similarity between the two avatars is the moustache and beard. Like many assumed, the first look does not showcase two roles, but two dimensions of one character. Precisely speaking, the poster projects Vijay in different stages of his life.

The fish market might have found a place to prove Vijay's concern towards fishermen.

The second look poster
There are four looks of Vijay in the poster which announces the actor's name to be Michael in the film. The reddish background possibly represents bloodshed, fight or violence. The unclear text on the poster talks about pride, accomplishment, coach, success, etc. It looks like a footballer's biography.

The aged and a red jersey-clad look, in which his name is written as Michael, has one striking similarity. While one is wielding a machete, the other has a chain in his hand. We can assume that they have the traits of a gangster.

The other two avatars are of a cheerful footballer and suit-clad coach. All the four avatars look more or the less the same. Let's wait for Atlee to unveil a few more posters from the film, which has Nayanthara in the female lead role.

Looking at the two posters and Vijay's looks, Atlee might have deceived people to believe that Vijay plays dual roles. Remember his Theri first look where Vijay was seen in three avatars, but in reality the actor, who is celebrating his birthday on Saturday, 22 June, only had one role in the flick.