Vithika Sheru
Vithika SheruTwitter/StarMaa

After completion of ninety days in the house, Vithika Sheru has been eliminated from Bigg Boss 3 Telugu. Finale is inching closer and it is a must that one after the other has to get eliminated from the house, and soon we are going to witness the grand finale. 

Varun Sandesh and Vithika were the only two contestants who were not saved in this week's elimination round, and Nagarjuna asked Bigg Boss whether there is going to be sigle elimination or a double one. But later, he said that he will be sticking names on the board and the name that misses one of the alphabet, that particular contestant will leave the house. So finally, it is Vithika's name that missed 'a' and it is understood that she is eliminated.

Immediately after that, Vithika said she's happy as her husband is saved from the elimination, but still, both of them broke into tears. Vithika, controlled herself from crying, and consoled her husband and told him to be strong.

Baba Bhaskar and Vithika Sheru during Battle of the Medallion task in Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Baba Bhaskar and Vithika Sheru during Battle of the Medallion task in Bigg Boss Telugu 3Screenshot of Star Maa video

She took him to the courtyard and told him not to fight with anyone, and play tasks well. She asked  the other contestants to take care of Varun, and Baba Bhaskar to feed her husband well and give him an extra dosa if needed, without saying that there is no batter. 

Since the first week, Vithika has been part of the elimination rounds, but has been saved till the thirteenth week and played the game for 90 days. She has seen all kinds of ups and downs, but was definitely one of the strongest contestants in the house.

Many audiences on social media, contestants and even guests who were on the show recently have said that Vithika has to be eliminated, so that Varun can play his game in a much better way. It is true that Varun gets influenced by Vithika's thoughts and actions.