Nagarjuna on Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Nagarjuna on Bigg Boss Telugu 3Twitter

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu has made headlines much before it went on air. Shwetha, a former television anchor and actress Gayatri Gupta have appeared on TV 5, a popular television channel and have revealed that they have received calls from the management of the show, but the approach wasn't decent enough to take it in a light-hearted way.


A list of names of people who are going to take part in the show has been doing rounds on the internet for a long time and Gayatri Gupta is one among them. The actress, who became popular with Fida movie has been part of many controversies till now. Well, on this show, she said, "The person who called me asked whether I can manage to be in the house for 100 days, without having sex. I was shocked when I heard this because this was not what I expected from them. A few of the contestants who have taken part in the first two seasons also told me about this and now I don't regret being part of those seasons."

Gayatri Gupta

While the show is all set to go on floors in a few days, these kind of issues and allegations are something that is bringing in more publicity for the show.

Shwetha Reddy, one of the popular news presenters held a press meet too to talk about the casting couch that is happening in selecting the participants for the show. She said, "The person who called me asked how I am going to impress their BOSS, whom I don't know at all. They were even asking me what I would do to satisfy him. I haven't approached them to let me take part in the show and irrespective of that too, having bad intentions towards one person and expecting something in return for participation in a show is nothing but casting couch and somebody has to talk about is."

While casting couch is one of the most burning issues in film industries now, it is very shocking to know that it still exists. Shwetha even approached the police and has filed a complaint against the management.

Management of Star Maa and Bigg Boss 3 are yet to respond to these allegations. If proved to be true, serious action will be taken on the management.