After Hindi and Tamil, the OTT version of Bigg Boss Telugu is ready to thrill the new-age audience. The streaming app Disney + Hotstar is now prepping up to kick off the show and the candidate selection is reportedly over.

Nagarjuna-Bigg Boss Telugu OTT

Nagarjuna Returns as Host
The creators of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT have retained Nagarjuna as the host of the show. Interestingly, he is going to get as pay-check as the television version of the show.

Who Will Enter House as Contestants?
The makers had approached many celebrities and some of them accept, but some of them rejected the offers. Going by the reports, Mumait Khan, Tejaswi Madivada, Ashu Reddy, Hamida, Ariyana Glory, Adarsh Balakrishna, RJ Chaitu, Tanish, and Roll Rida will be part of the reality show. These contestants and others will have to undergo Covid-19 tests and will be put on quarantine.

Reports say that the contestants will be him isolation from February 15.

Bigg Boss Telugu Launch Date
Although the makers are yet to announce the date, it is now reported that the show will start its streaming on February 26. However, the reality show will not run for 100 days, but is likely to end in less than 50 days.

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Nagarjuna About Hosting The Show
According to Nag, he was not sure about hosting the show, but the channel convinced him to take up the assignment. "It was initially shocking as the fifth season just ended. I was doubtful if I would become stale. But Star Maa team convinced me saying Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is going to be an entirely different format. I was told around 5-6 crore people have watched the finale which is just an incredible number. Bigg Boss Telugu has always enjoyed great numbers and following. I'm welcoming this new challenge and looking forward to it," The Times of India quoted him as saying earlier.