Shiva Jyothi
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The latest episode of Bigg Boss 3 was loaded with a lot of excitement and curiosity for the audiences. Sunday, though Nagarjuna calls it a fun day, is actually a tension day to all of us out there. And yes, coming to elimination, contestant Shiva Jyothi has been eliminated from the house. This was predicted by many of the audiences and netizens.

Shiva Jyothi has been in the house for 14 long weeks, which means for 98 days, and has given a tough competition to all the contestants out there. From day 1, she has participated in all the tasks really well. She always made sure that she did everything perfect and was like a synonym to perfection.

She has been called an emotional fool and weak by her fellow contestants. They even said that such a weak contestant doesn't deserve to be in the house or be part of such a show. But she proved all of them wrong and has sustained in the house for 14 weeks. In short, she is top 6th contestant.

Shiva Jyothi's heated argument with Vithika Sheru during Bigg Boss Telugu 3 nominations
Shiva Jyothi's heated argument with Vithika Sheru during Bigg Boss Telugu 3 nominationsScreenshot of hotstar video

Shiva Jyothi leaves Bigg Boss 3 house

Jyothi was called 'akka' by all the contestants and even Nagarjuna Akkineni called her so. Jyothi hasn't spoken badly about anyone in the house and both Ali Reza and Ravi Krishna consider her as their sister. Ali, in a task, was even ready to sacrifice his game for her.

For her rights, Shiva Jyothi always fought. Partiality and cheating is something she never did to anyone and hasn't accepted too. Before leaving the house too, Jyothi told the rest of the housemates to take care of each other and wished them good luck.

After elimination too, she was seen emotional and weeping by watching the video of her journey in the house. Her fans are missing her in the house now, but wish her good luck and send loads of love to her.