Bigg Boss

In the latest 80thcday episode of Bigg Boss 3, contestants were shown videos, individually, where they learnt of other contestants who were back bitching about them. After watching the videos, the contestants were asked to call their back bitchers outside and were asked to discuss.

A scarecrow kind of set up was made and contestants were asked to break the head of the scarecrow, which is nothing but a pot, with the image of their rival on it. This task went very well and to each contestant, it revealed what their fellow contestant talks about them.

Baba Bhaskar was shown videos where Rahul Sipligunj was discussing with others saying how Baba tried to block him and Ali from winning in the 'trolley parking task'. Rahul said that Baba was targeting him and not letting him.

Baba called Rahul and said, "I will target you directly if I want to. I don't have to pretend that I am not doing. But now, let me tell you. Yes, you are my target from now." This conversation was a heated one though.

Bigg Boss

Mahesh Vitta is the common contestants in most of the videos where he was seen back bitching about others. He lived up to the name he got from Nagarjuna. He is called 'the aggipulla' of the house, which means the match stick that lights up a fire between two people.

Rahul, Sreemukhi and Baba were shown videos of Mahesh back bitching about them and they gave it back to Mahesh.

Vithika Sheru was shown videos of Ali Reza talking about her and how Varun never stopped her from playing her game. Varun was also shown videos of Ali only and Ali gave them really good replies. On the whole, the 'tiffs' episode went really well.