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Swetha Reddy, who has filed a complaint against the makers of reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 3, asks whether host Akkineni Nagarjuna will remain silent if Samantha or Amala Paul were cheated.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is gearing up for telecast after sailing through a series of hurdles. When everyone thought it would start from July 21, the hit reality TV show has landed in a new controversy. The viewers were in for a shock when journalist Swetha Reddy and actress Gayatri Gupta filed a complaint against the makers. They alleged that the makers sexually exploited them.

Swetha Reddy alleged that Star MAA had signed her up to be a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu 3, but they cheated her by reneging on the agreement eventually. "After signing me up, they stopped answering my calls. I can proceed legally for violation of the agreement," IndiaGlitz quoted the journalist as saying.

Swetha Reddy added, "My demand is that the channel should give back the agreement papers. I have come to know that, like me, several individuals have been hoodwinked in the same manner. There has to be a pushback. The Bigg Boss people have played gimmicks with 100-150 people. They wasted my time."

The journalist said that the Mumbai team is spread casting couch to Hyderabad. Nagarjuna should raise his voice against injustice. Swetha Reddy said, "The programme is looked after by a Mumbai team. And they are altering the culture here. Women need protection everywhere. You can't exploit women in the name of entertainment and reality shows."

Swetha Reddy added, "Let me ask Nagarjuna garu if he shouldn't take up the issue and address our concerns. There are women in his family. Samantha is an actress. Amala garu was an actress. I want to ask Nagarjuna garu if he would be silent if someone from his family were to be cheated in this way. I respect you and you have a lot of fans. But it's wrong for you to host a show like this."

She also made startling revelations, saying "A popular actress from Tollywood has been sought favours for Bigg Boss. She was asked if she would be ready to kiss, hug and have an affair during the show. A reality show is supposed to be spontaneous. But it seems everything is scripted. If you want to make money, go make porn videos and blue films. Why make a reality show?"