Geetha Madhuri pacifying Bhanu Sree
Geetha Madhuri pacifying Bhanu SreeSnapshot of Hot Star video

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 had witnessed its portion of romance, with the contestants, given the "love" task, ahead of the fourth elimination round to be announced on Sunday. But the suspense is reportedly over with Shyamala ammouncing on Twitter that she will be returning to the outside world.

The day after Tejaswi's confession, the ladies gathered at one place and started expressing that Tejaswi has been playing smart. Geeta Madhuri, Deepti, and the others felt that Tejaswi has been behaving in a bossy way, while this time Banu Shree too joins them.

Roll Rida, the captain announces that the lovers have won the love task, as they managed to romance each other despite the trails of the wardens to keep them apart. Everyone vote for Kaushal-Deepti and Samrat-Tejaswi's pairs for their performance. Bigg Boss announces that the winners of the love task are to fight for the captaincy in the upcoming task.

In the fight for captaincy, the four contestants are given a task. During the task, Roll Rida and Samrat get into a fight, in which they tear away from each other's shirts. After an entertaining fight, the contestants are confused about the results, as they don't understand whom to declare as the captain. After Bigg Boss' assistance, Kaushal is declared as the captain for the week. Roll Rida is relieved.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 week 3 elimination
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 week 3 eliminationSnapshot of Hot Star video

Samrat and Roll Rida are punished by the Bigg Boss for getting into a fight unnecessarily. Roll Rida is given an exemption, for not feeling well, while Samrat is punished to stand near the pool until the lights are put off.

Geeta Madhuri is given a secret task by Bigg Boss. She manages to collect things from each contestant's closet and hides those things in the post box. Later, Bigg Boss announces that some of the things of the contestants are being robbed. The contestants are puzzled. Geeta tries her best to keep the secret.

Deepti gets emotional after she comes to know about Tejaswi's comments on her. She starts crying and saying that she had nothing to do with the gossips on Tejaswi and Samrat. She walks to Babu Gogineni and discusses with him regarding the same. The teammates console her.

There is a beautiful bouquet of flowers, dedicated to Nandini by her friend Deepak. She realizes that it is his birthday and becomes emotional. Ganesh and Roll Rida console her and they wish Nandini's friend a happy birthday. Bhanu joins them and Nandini feels better.

Kaushal walks to the ladies and informs that he was planning to change a few rules in the house, as he is the captain now. The contestants are behind finding the robber. Kaushal assembles everyone and asks for their votes on whom they have any apprehension about the stolen things. Most of them think it is Sunaina, while some of them think it is Babu Gogineni.

Highlight: During the midnight, the cameras show that Deepti runs to Tanish (though it is not clear) secretly and kiss him on his forehead and return to her bed. Nothing much is revealed other than that. Ganesh sees this, as he is awake at that time.

Deepthi Sunaina
Deepthi Sunaina cracking Cheema joke in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 houseSnapshot of Star Maa video