Bigg Boss Telugu 2 nominations live updates
After the elimination of Babu Gogineni, the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 get into the nominations for the upcoming eliminations.Star Maa

After the exit of Babu Gogineni from Bigg Boss Telugu 2, the competition between the housemates has become tougher. With the top contenders in the show, the nominations and the process of eliminations are going to be more interesting here on.

Aug 13's episode had Amit Tiwari and Tanish in the safe zone, while the rest of the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants compete for the nominations. The contestants are divided into groups of two individuals and will try to convince Amit and Tanish why they deserve to be in the safe zone.

After long discussions and arguments, Geeta Madhuri, Deepti Sunaina, Pooja Ramachandran, Nutan Naidu, Roll Rida fall into the unprotected zone. Amit and Tanish save Kaushal, Shyamala, Deepti, Samrat, Ganesh from being in the elimination zone. But Bigg Boss requests captain Tanish to nominate another contestant from the ones saved. Tanish nominates Shyamala.

As Geeta Madhuri, Deepti Sunaina, Roll Rida, Pooja Ramachandran, Shyamala, and Nutan Naidu are in the week's nominations for the eliminations, you can save the favorite contestant from getting eliminated.

Here is how you can vote for your favorite contestant from getting eliminated. To vote for the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants, you can do it on Google search console.

> Search with the keywords "Bigg Boss Telugu Vote".
> You see the list of the nominated contestants on the screen. Click on the favorite contestant and you find a vote meter.
> There is a chance to vote for multiple contestants by dividing the number of votes up to 50.
> Click on the favorite contestant, mark the number of votes and repeat the same for another contestant if you want to vote.
> Do not forget to click on the 'Submit' or 'Vote' button, else your votes will not be considered.

Bigg Boss Telugu vote procedure, phone numbers.
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 online voting procedure, missed call numbers. Vote for your favorite contestant, if you want them in the safe zone.Google

For the people outside of India to vote, they can simply change the location on the Google Chrome browser and follow the above procedure.

You can even give as many as missed calls to keep your favorite Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestant safe from the eliminations.

To vote for Geeta Madhuri, give a missed call to 7729998801

To vote for Pooja Ramachandran, give a missed call to 7729998818

To vote for Shyamala, give a missed call to 7729998802

To vote for Deepti Sunaina, give a missed call to 7729998812

To vote for Roll Rida, give a missed call to 7729998807

To vote for Nutan Naidu, give a missed call to 7729998809

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