Bigg Boss Telugu 2 nominations task in yesterday's episode.
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants performing the nominations task.Hotstar

With Babu Gogineni, Tanish Alladi, Ganesh, Geetha Madhuri, Shyamala, and Deepti in the nominations, the voting lines are open for Bigg Boss Telugu 2 eliminations for the coming week.

Monday's episode had the contestants prepping up for celebrating Telangana's famous festival 'Bonaalu'. The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants were seen in a festive mood.

The Bigg Boss had also announced a game in which there were six rounds in which six contestants got eliminated. It was a tough task for most of the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants as the game was more about who reaches the tent first. 

Contestants Deepti, Roll Rida, Shyamala and Deepti Sunaina fell down. Pooja Ramachandran, the current captain in the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house, then informed the Bigg Boss about the nominated contestants. 

Babu Gogineni, Deepti and Ganesh are in the nominations again. Deepti has been pointed for her over-stressed behaviour whenever she gets nominated for the eliminations. 

On the other hand, Ganesh has been branded as the one who gets into the elimination round almost every week. 

Tanish has been into nominations a couple of times earlier, but he doesn't appear to be playing the game seriously. Geetha Madhuri, who was considered as one of the strongest contestants, has been playing foul in the tasks.  

Shyamala, who is one of the nominated contestants, had recently got a re-entry. So, there are chances that she would get out of the nominations easily. 

Click here to vote for your favourite contestants for the upcoming nominations poll predictions. 

Follow the procedure given below if you want to save your favourite contestant from Bigg Boss Telugu 2 eliminations this week.

Step 1: Google search with keywords Bigg Boss Telugu Votes. Star Maa's voting list normally comes on the top of the search results.

Bigg Boss Telugu vote to save favorite contestant for the week's eliminations.
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 voting procedure and missed call phone numbers of contestants.Google

Step 2: On clicking for your favourite contestant, a vote meter appears. The highest number of votes a person can vote from one handle is 50. You can select the number of votes you want to give to the contestant. You can divide the votes as per your choice.

Step 3: The vote is considered only when you complete the process by clicking on the 'Vote' button. Do not forget to click on Submit or Vote option until you get a pop up that your votes have been submitted.

Step 4: There is an option to give your votes to more than one contestant. click on their respective profiles and mark the number of votes you ought to give. Then follow the same procedure in Step 3. Click on submit button.

The phone numbers to give missed calls to save your favourite contestants are:

Bigg Boss Vote for Tanish Alladi:

Bigg Boss Vote for Ganesh: 7729998803

Bigg Boss Vote for Babu Gogineni: 7729998805

Bigg Boss Vote for Deepti Nallamothu: 7729998808

Bigg Boss Vote for Geetha Madhuri: 7729998801

Bigg Boss Vote for Shyamala: 7729998802