Nani announces voting for the re-entry of the eliminated contestants
The eliminated contestants to give a re-entry with voting.Star Maa

Sunday's elimination round had Tejaswi and Samrat in the danger zone. With Manchu Lakshmi in the Bigg Boss house, she had announced the result of the elimination. Tejaswi had to leave the Bigg Boss show but she appeared to be a sport, as she wished all of them a very good luck and advised Tanish and Samrat to play well.

Nani had a brief interactive session with Tejaswi, by asking her to provide scores to the contestants in the Bigg Boss house. While Tejaswi tried to end things with everyone else positively,  she stabbed Kaushal with her rude words.

Tejaswi Madivada, the firecracker of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 was a dominant participant from the start. Her way of conveying things, her tone and dominant attitude are visible to the audience. She was one contestant, who took sides and created a drama in every other episode.

Tejaswi, Samrat, and Tanish were branded as the inseparable in the beginning, as they formed a strong team, with internal discussions and bonding. This is when the real game in the Bigg Boss house started.

Tejaswi Madiwada with host Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Tejaswi Madiwada with host Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

Tejaswi spoke on behalf of everyone most of the times, while she left a very little scope to the other participants. This drew negativity in the beginning. After her drama at the dining area, Tejaswi got branded as the firebrand, who is difficult to deal with.

In this frame of context, the contestants like Geeta Madhuri and Kaushal who were considered the strong competitors were on the other side with differences. Kaushal grew stronger, as every other individual targeted him personally. This grabbed him a homogenous positivity from the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 viewers.

Tejaswi somehow could not gel with Kaushal, which resulted in her being in a negative zone. Her trial to clear things off, after her birthday became a whitewash confession, as she continued to dislike Kaushal secretly.

Tejaswi's dislike towards Kaushal became so strong that she even went personally abusing him during one of the tasks. As Bhanu Sree was in the elimination zone at that time, Tejaswi managed to stay in the Bigg Boss house for a longer period of time. Otherwise, the way Tejaswi reacted to the incident she was not even involved in, urged the audience to support Kaushal more.

Kaushal targeted by Tejaswi Madivada before she leaves the Bigg Boss House

The matter did not end there. Tejaswi had self-nominated during a tricky situation but appeared to be quite confident that people would vote her out of the nominations. But, the opposite happened and Tejaswi was shown the exit door. Even before she leaves, Tejaswi is seen slamming Kaushal.

"I was never wrong in judging Kaushal. He is the most selfish player and I believe he plays ruthlessly", Tejaswi explained to Nani.

Tejaswi had a message to Kaushal in the end, before she left the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 show. "Kaushal, you might win the Bigg Boss title. But, I have won the hearts of the contestants!", she told in a sarcastic tone. This left Kaushal speechless, and Nani tried to end things there.

Lakshmi Manchu on Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Lakshmi Manchu on Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Star Maa video