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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants corner KaushalStar Maa Twitter

What's a Bigg Boss show without suspense or emotional segments? The reality TV show has now turned out to be rather a serious one.

Kaushal Manda is definitely one of the strongest contenders of this season. With stupendous following from the majority of the watchers, he has earned a huge number of fans among the Telugu audience.

Kaushal being targeted personally by the other contestants has helped him a lot to gain fans.

The recent episodes had become a kind of stressful for majority of the viewers. The viewers are not able to accept the fact that one single member of the house is being targeted by all the other housemates.

There is an impression that Kaushal has become a scapegoat among the five other contestants. It is clearly visible that the housemates are trying to corner Kaushal.

In yesterday's episode, the contestants were seen competing for the ticket to finale. Samrat and Tanish are against Kaushal and have tried their ways to make Kaushal fail in the task.

The decision of Bigg Boss was not appreciable too as Kaushal was warned for being physical in the task. However, Tanish and Samrat were the ones who got physical in the first place.

Though Geetha Madhuri and Deepthi Nallamothu contradicted with Tanish and Samrat, they only spoke against Kaushal.

Today's promos appear the same as well. The housemates had planned to pick up a fight with Kaushal earlier. It seems like all the housemates will corner him in today's episode as well.

The viewers are appalled by the biased strategy of Star Maa and host Nani. There are thousands of messages and trends against housemates, Nani, and Bigg Boss Telugu 2 show.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Twitter Trends
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 twitter trends
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Twitter trends
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Twitter Trends
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Twitter Trends