Bigg Boss Tamil - Who'll get a wild-card entry this week?
Bigg Boss Tamil.PR Handout

Shakthi was shown the door from the Kamal Haasan-hosted show on Sunday. With only seven inmates left in the house and about 50 days left for the finale, Vijay TV is set to send a few inmates as wild card entrants to the house.

Kamal Haasan also indicated on Sunday's episode that there would be a wild card entry this week. The audience sitting on the sets cheered in unison that they want Oviya or Bharani. 

People are now curiously looking forward to seeing the person entering the show this week. Rumours are rife that Vijay TV was recently re-negotiating with Oviya to bring her back to the show. Hence, there is a possibility that the actress might be in Kamal Haasan's show again.

If not Oviya, sending Bharani, who abruptly ended his journey in Bigg Boss Tamil for breaking the basic rule, to the house would be a good decision as people want to see him on the reality show.

It is also believed that Ganja Karuppu or Harathi might get a chance to re-enter the house. Nonetheless, the channel is tight-lipped about the name as it wants to surprise the viewers.

Sources say that the audience might expect not one, but multiple wild-card entries in the weeks to come. However, the buzz is that Julie and Shree, who walked out of the show over health issues, are unlikely to get a call anytime soon.

So far, Shakthi, Oviya, Julie aka Juliana, Namitha, Harathi Ganesh, Anuya, Bharani and Shree have been eliminated from the show.