Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil
Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil.Screen Shot From Bigg Boss Tamil Promo Video

Oviya might have emerged victorious by garnering huge support from the audience in the form of votes in Bigg Boss Tamil, but it has not stopped the inmates from disliking her for being "different." Once again, she is apparently getting nominated for the elimination.

In the latest promo video posted on the Facebook page of Vijay Television, the inmates are seen taking out Oviya's name for the elimination. The hostile treatment by Namitha, Gayathri and a few others is not a surprise for many, but Julie nominating the actress has come as a shock to the fans.

Oviya is the only actress who has not disrespected Julie in the house and tried to make her realise the things happening around her. Yet her decision to nominate the actress has irked many.

Hence, now people want Julie to be shown the door. Many on Twitter have slammed her along with others that include Namitha and Gayathri, who admitted before Kamal Haasan recently that she does not have any personal issues with Oviya although she has continued to dislike her for bringing alternatives views to the discussions.

Oviya has already been pushed to the danger zone by inmates a few times but was saved by the audience through votes. 

Here are some comments on Twitter by viewers supporting Oviya and also memes created by netizens:

Veera25‏: #HarathiGanesh #BiggBossTamil true kevalamana jenmam.Ennama acting kodukkudhu gundu as if she holds proprietary r8s for honesty.ull be sackd
#BigBossKamal while kickin #HarathiGanesh out of house, kick her so hard dat she lands somewer in alien land nd nvr returns. #Julie ur next

VeeraTamizhan2: #BiggBossTamil this week #shakthi might be a leader & no matter how many times Oviya in nomination her cool attitude save her #OviyaRocks

SRI‏: #biggbosstamil how many times Oviya nominated.. ppl will save her for her true behaviour and human nature...
#BiggBossTamil Julie will get it back from audience for nominating Oviya. No one able to understand who is acting & who is fake in bb hoise.

Nams: No matter how many times these idiots nominate #Oviya, I will vote for her Prefer an honesty even if rude 2 hypocrisy!
Julie saying #Oviya is acting! Irony just died a painful death Time 2 open more a/cs & start voting Namita loser #Oviya #Biggbosstamil

Mersal_SGAVN: Just amazed to see the growth of @OviyaaSweetz day by day, I think her honesty & pure heart is reason than beauty. #BiggBossTamil

Joshua‏: Only because the house mates are scared they are nominating #Oviya every week! But #Julie is our next target! #BiggBossTamil

Sam Dennis‏: Julie I wish u r nominated 2day ..doesn't matter who is nominated along with u ..but you need to eliminated.
#BiggBossTamil #BigBossTamil

Oviya Fans BiggBoss‏: Julie is more worse than Gayathri , She is queen of backstabbing, atleast Gayathri remains same from beginning #BiggBossTamil
Julie has missed the trick to read people's mind , smart people will progress further from now on #BiggBossTamil

Unga Aaya‏: After this #BiggBossTamil show,#Oviya is gona be starred in many movies and she's gona be much popular with alot of fan base tats sure

BiggBoss Tamil Fan‏: Thought #Julie is confused Bt you have wantedly become a slave to #Gayathri And betray ppl who stand wid u #Oviya #Bharani #BiggBossTamil

Gold Smile‏: #BiggBossTamil As Kamal has mentioned in earlier episodes that nobody was born as celebrities. When will Namitha get it

SomuG1: Words are tailored, it would've been great if they'd typed the words which exactly Bharani said #BiggBossTamil

Sharatha‏: Im ready to vote for oviya again. That girl is the realest and the most genuine person in that show. #BiggBossTamil

Meanwhile, Harathi Ganesh has been eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil.