Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil.Screen Shot From Bigg Boss Tamil Promo Video

Actress Oviya has started winning the hearts of viewers with her honesty and integrity. Despite the fact that some contestants have been bullying her, the actress has remained calm, yet strong.

On Tuesday's episode (July 11), Gayathri Raghuram indirectly targeted her and took potshots at her. She also went up to other contestants, including Snehan and Ganesh Venkatraman, to convince them about her views. 

Gayathri tried to spread a negatives word about Oviya. The shocking part of the story was to see Aarav, who has been flirting with Oviya, falling prey to Gayathri's words and passing an unfavourable comment about her character. All these instances turned things in her favour and people started liking her.

Oviya has not mistreated Juliana the way Gayathri and Harathi Ganesh have done so far. In fact, she tried to make her understand the reality about what was happening around her. And the Kalavani girl was the only one to say "goodbye" to Bharani when he was unceremoniously evicted from the house.

These qualities have given strong reasons to the audience to support her. Response on social media indicates that she is clearly moving ahead of Gayathri and Harathi in terms of popularity.

Netizens have also slammed Aarav for moving away from Oviya. Here are a few comments posted by fans on Twitter:

BiggBossTamil Critic‏: #BiggBossTamil Aarav - One day when Oviya is a BIG star & u r a FAILED actor, u will look back and regret insulting Oviya's character!!
#BiggBossTamil Judging by the voting so far, I think Aarthi is going to make history in BIGGBOSS India by getting ZERO votes!!!

BiggBoss Tamil Fan: Gayathri says Oviya targets herself n #Namitha bcoz dey r most popular
Lol #Oviya has bcom bigger& better celebrity than u #BiggBossTamil

Abì.Móhan‏: It's such a shame what #Aarav said about #Oviya's feelings toward him... #BiggBossTamil
De least #Aarav cud do is respect her feeling.... Even if he doesn't feel the same about her (#Oviya)...

Um3sh‏: Most of the girls n social media before "i need a guy like #aarav" and now"no comments" players can cheat you easily #BiggBossTamil

Muslim4peace‏: #BiggBossTamil Interestingly , Aarav gained negative points by ganging up with gayathri! Ganesh still manages to be neutral!

Joshua‏: For being a model nd a side actor #Aarav and #raizawilson could behave so much! What if they become a hero nd heroine! #BiggBossTamil
Real men dont Bitch abut his love r crush #Aarav d way u treated and d way she treated u speaks out! #Oviya deserves better! #BiggBossTamil

Sangeetha Sivakumar‏: Hi-five ✋ if you think #Aarav is behaving cheap day by day #BiggBossTamil