Shree in Bigg Boss Tamil
Shree is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil.Vijay TV Facebook Page

Shree, one of the 15 contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil, is out of the reality show. He was asked to leave the house considering his state of health.

On Thursday's episode, the Bigg Boss asked Shree to undergo an examination over his state of mind and the doctors apparently advised him to leave the show.

During his stay, Shree appeared depressed and was not interacting much with anyone. He used to talk to himself and was weeping at some corners for unknown reasons. It appeared like his condition was deteriorating. Hence, the show organisers took a call to send him out of the show.

However, it is not clear whether he is permanently out of the show or might be back in the later stage of the game.

Namitha turns Teacher 
Namitha took the courage to address the issue related to the usage and cleanliness of toilet in Bigg Boss Tamil. The actress, who has been put into the cleaning department, explained how to use the western toilet as some of the inmates appeared to be uncomfortable and unaware of its usage. 

Without showing any signs of uneasiness, Namitha asked the inmates to defecate in proper positions and flush it after the usage. 

What Happens on Friday's Episode
In the latest teaser, the 15 contestants will be involved in a new task. Snehan, who is the captain of the house this week, is seen presenting awards that suit the characters of the inmates. 

Bigg Boss Tamil
Bigg Boss Tamil.Screen Shot From Bigg Boss Tamil Promo Video

The clip shows Snehan giving away Juliana with 'Unhygienic Award,' Dharani with 'Dishonest Award,' and Oviya with 'Hardly Working Award.' But the actress rejects the award and it leads to an argument.

It may be recalled that Oviya and Snehan were involved in a verbal clash on Thursday's episode. The actress had raised objections for the impositions of too many rules leading to a fight. Ganja Karuppu's intervention in their argument did not help much.

However, they patched up later in the day when Oviya took the initiative to bury the hatchet.