Tharshan and Meera Mitun
Tharshan and Meera Mitun.PR Handout

Sanam Shetty, who is said to be the girlfriend of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant Tharshan, has slammed his fellow contestant Meera Mitun for purportedly trying to project him in a negative light.

Meera had accused him of showing interest in her in the initial days but gradually showed no feelings towards her in the ongoing show-hosted by Kamal Haasan. To everyone's surprise, she expressed her wish to marry him, but he outrightly rejected her offer and revealed that he has a girlfriend waiting for him outside the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

Later, Meera turned furious and tried to pick a fight with him asking why he had not informed her about his girlfriend earlier. Tharshan, who was annoyed by her repeated verbal attacks, responded to her outburst in a calmer tone by asking why he should open up about his personal life with her. Tharshan told her that he treats her like any other contestant in the house.

By then, Meera had repeatedly tried to portray him in a negative light over the issue and took his name during the nomination in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house citing the same reason.

Now, Sanam Shetty has extended her support to Tharshan, while expressing her anguish on Meera using the hashtag - #getoutmeera. "Im so very proud of u Tharshan @tharshan_shant ❤❤ guess this pic captures my pride n joy perfectly. Those who tried to dominate u will realize they cant mess with u❤ Day 22 and going strong!! Much love to u from all of us❤ Tnx for the click @vignesh_sha #getoutmeera #tharshanarmy #bigboss3 [sic]," she posted.

Her message was well-received by Tharshan's fans. Thanking them, she wrote, "First of all huge thanks to Tharshan's fans for ur love for him❤ plz follow his pages and support him @tharshan_shant loves u all❤ But no offense u all dont have to follow Me for this reason v love u anyways. A special big warm hug to my people my friends who have shown their love to me all through ❤❤ i love u all #myinstaworld #tharshanarmy #tharshanbiggboss3 #cifw #showstoppinmoments. [sic]"

Sanam Shetty is a model and a multilingual actress who is part of close to 20 movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.