Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil
Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil.Screen Shot From Bigg Boss Tamil Promo Video

Aarav and Oviya's equation has changed again with the former surprisingly ignoring the latter since the beginning of this week. On Monday's episode, a drama unfolded when he went into the confession room to request the Bigg Boss to advise Oviya to behave well as it might damage his reputation.

Oviya tried to give a head massage to Aarav, which he ignored and asked her not to do it. Later, he was seen telling other inmates about her behaviour, stating that it is making him uncomfortable. But the actress repeatedly tried to woo him, and he kept her at a distance. Hurt by change in his behaviour, she refused to continue the role given to her in the luxury-budget task. The Bigg Boss's attempt to convince her to be part of the task failed to come to fruition.

In the latest teaser, Julie is seen giving a head massage to Aarav, leaving Oviya fuming. She tries to sort out the issues, but he apparently shuns her. The clip also shows Oviya calling him a "cheater" and pleading him to give her "five minutes."

In the heat of the moment, he says, "Are you trying to create a scene?" The inmates remain mute spectators, while some chuckle to themselves at the drama unfolding inside the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

Oviya and Aarav have shared a good rapport in first two weeks. In fact, the inmates treated them like love birds and they too enjoyed the attention. But the actor apparently ditched her later and surprisingly came to her rescue last week when the inmates had cornered her.

Now, his feelings have changed towards Oviya again. The fans of the show feel that he is an opportunist who stood by her last week to be safe from the elimination. Their sympathy and love towards her have remained unchanged.

Below, we bring you the audience's response to the latest development on Bigg Boss Tamil:

Diamondzr43ver: I'm really doubting our votes will count this week, I have a feeling they're going to make up some rule to evict Oviya #BiggBossTamil

s-IaM‏: #Arav 's family got pride n honor at these moments it seems.#Oviya u hv been plotted on ur weakness ,wake up baby. #BiggBossTamil

Sridevi Krishnan‏: Sad thing is no one is there to ask oviya's feelings n console her or advise her ☹️☹️ #BiggBossTamil #OviyaArmy

ஓவியா புரட்சிப்படை✌™‏: Ne yenna romba periya Handsome smart ta? Don't act too smart. Cant give 5mins to talk but allowing that echa to massage? #BiggBossTamil

Eky Roy‏: Oviya just let Aarav go away he dont know about feelings and how to respect yr feelings. Outside u got a bright future Oviya #BiggBossTamil

Neenu‏: Oviya presing his shoulders s embarrassing.Bt f Julie does t isn't embarrassing.Nw his image doesn't get damaged #OviyaArmy #BiggBossTamil

️Sᴜᴢყ☄️‏: What Oviya did was wrong but Aarav ain't a saint either! Stop playing with feelings loser. #BiggBossTamil

Priyadharshini‏: #BiggBossTamil Aarav is filthy... Oviya deserves much better