Suruthi has reportedly ended her journey in Bigg Boss Tamil 5. If we go by the reports, she has been evicted this weekend from Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

Suruthi out of Bigg Boss Tamil 5.PR Handout

This week, there were eight contestants - Abhinay, Akshara, Cibi, Isaivani, Madhumitha, Nirup, Pavani and Suruthi – in the danger zone. In the end, Suruthi seems to have received lesser votes compared to others for her survival. Hence, she is shown the door.

She is the fifth contestant to be out of Bigg Boss Tamil after Namitha (walked out), Nadia, Abhishek and Chinnaponnu.

However, the audience are shocked over Suruthi's eviction. Many have taken Twitter to express their disappointment over the elimination. Check out their reaction:

Siddu: @uddis_siddharth
Nadia- Unfair
Abhishek- Unfair
Chinna ponni - Unfair
#suruthi- Unfair
Yar eliminate pannalum idha solreenga...#suruthi deserved to stay, Maybe ... But she wasn't the most popular out der, she is constantly in bottom 3.... Irritating Person walkingPerson walking #BiggBossTamil5

She writes: So many Kadharals for #suruthi just because she is loud doest mean was right.
She was egotistical,lacked basic compassion. BUT STILL A BETTER PLAYER Than few.
Her interaction with #Akshara was totally unnecessary with unwanted attitude.
#BiggBoss5Tamil #BiggBossTamil
I dint like #suruthi, its not about strong women ... but she was intrusive, brought out bad vibes... doesn't mean i hate strong women... #Priyanka is, so is #thamarai, yes #IykkiBerry should have gone instead. Shruthi was the villain this house needed to thrive.

Mr.crazy: Male cringe of #biggboss
Female cringe of #biggboss
Now Eliminated...
Waiting for #vesam (pavani)

shobanga: I'm sorry I think Iykki should have been the one going out and not Suruthi #BiggBossTamil5 #BiggBossTamil

Kanna: Suruti should been smart n used her coin power n nominated lotus.. Her fault..
fair game wil not work inside house

Sri Devi KKA: So Iyikki, Madhu and Abhinay are staying inside but #Suruthi is eliminated? I logged into hotstar just to vote for this girl. So bad. All these PPL who voted for the above three needs to switch to serials. #biggbosstamil5 #BiggBossTamil #Biggboss5tamil

Bhishma_Trichy Flag of India: Enna.. #Suruthi evicted aa??
What nonsense Pouting facePouting face
Hope she gets secret-room Crossed fingersCrossed fingers
Or goes back as wildcard..athu varaikum interview ethuvum kuduthratha ma Folded handsFolded hands

Dr Sowmiya...: #BiggBossTamil
I don't even think having #Abinay in the show for next few weeks don't have any benefit to the home or to himself
One word..useless
#Suruthi better comes and work out on her career..unlike this uselss

putu mayam: this is so unfair, she better be in the secret room, she deserves to be on the show more than mixtures like abhinaay, iykki and confused dummies like thamarai #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil5 #BiggBoss5Tamil