Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Nomination 11th Week
Cheran, Kavin, Losliya, Mugen and Sherin are facing the danger zone.Screen shot from the video

There was no eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 last weekend. After sending out Madhumitha and Saravanan mid-way for breaking important rules of the game, Vijay TV apparently decided not to have elimination in the 10th week of the popular reality show.

Before wrapping by the weekend episode, Kamal Haasan announced that there will be eliminations this week. As announced by the host, the nomination process was held in the episode aired on Monday, 2 September.

To everyone's surprise, it was an open nomination. Kavin and Losliya got five votes each, with Sherin, Mugen and Cheran getting two votes each from the inmates, but the process witnessed a lot of drama.

While mentioning Cheran's name, Kavin stated that the filmmaker has seen so much of success and winning the Bigg Boss Tamil title will not make much of a difference to his life. So, he wanted someone else to win the trophy and send the filmmaker out of the show.

Vanitha Vijayakumar objected to it and asked him to give a valid reason. As she wanted a convincing reason, he told her that Cheran took his name in the nomination process, so in return, he is now suggesting the filmmaker's name.

On his turn, Sandy broke down and cried after suggesting Kavin and Losliya's names which again did not go well with Vanitha, who wants the inmates to play it like a game and there was no place for emotions. 

It led to heated arguments between Vanitha and them. In the end, it was announced that Cheran, Kavin, Losliya, Mugen and Sherin are facing the danger zone in 11th week in Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

Here is how the contestants cast their votes:

Losliya: Mugen and Sherin
Cheran: Kavin and Mugen
Sherin: Losliya and Kavin
Kavin: Cheran and Sherin
Vanitha: Kavin and Losliya
Mugen: Losliya and Cheran
Tharshan: Kavin and Losliya
Sandy: Kavin and Losliya