Kamal Haasan in Bigg Boss Tamil 2
Kamal Haasan's Bigg Boss Tamil 2 will witness a double elimination.Vijay TV Facebook Page

The stage is all set for the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 next week. The battle for the trophy, along with Rs 50 lakh prize, will be decided among four contestants in which Janani Iyer has already entered the last stage of the reality show.

There are six contestants in the house and five inmates -- Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi, Balaji, Yashika and Riythvika -- have been nominated this week. For the first time in this format in Tamil, the viewers will witness a double eviction.

Yes, this week two among the five nominated contestants will be evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil 2. However, the contestants are having multiple tasks and they get marks based on their performances.

Those with highest marks will get a ticket to the finale. So far, Yashika and Vijayalakshmi are leading the race. Looking at the scenario, the former is most likely to emerge victorious

In that case, two among Aishwarya, Vijayalakshmi, Balaji, and Riythvika will be shown the door this week from Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

Who has the highest chance of getting evicted this week?

Meanwhile, Aishwarya Dutta has shown no signs of toning down her behaviour despite Kamal Haasan advising inmates that the tactics worked in the Bigg Boss Hindi does not work in the Tamil version of the show. She fiercely tried to win the tasks by hook or crook.

The latest promos show the fight between Aishwarya and others have intensified.